Lisa Whitmore and Sally Miller as Kurve

"it was the best thing in the room tonight, they were just ....WOW!!"

Churches Conservation Trust

Lisa Whitmore and Sally Miller as Kurve, Felmale acrobalance.

With extreme flexibility and strength the two female acrobats perform extraordinary contorted balances and shapes.

In a stunning choreographed display of power and grace the audience is left breathless with amazement at the elegance and potential of the human body

The act creatively combines graceful movement with high technical skills, setting these to music to produce an amazing visual spectacle.

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Lisa Whitmore and Sally Miller as Kurve acrobatics.

Technical Information


Minimum height of 3.5 meters.


5 meters wide, 3 meters deep.

A flat even surface is required. If this is raised it will help sight lines for the audience.


Please call to discuss your requirements as we can make adjustments with prior notice.